About Us

The Age of Irrelevance

We are living in the age of irrelevance. There are no time in history where Christians can learn so much about the Gospel as freely as now. Resources and teachings are abundant on the Internet, but it seems they are almost irrelevant. Just ask any average Christian what kind of book he is currently reading. Are our generation producing shallow-minded Christians? We have to admit that being a Christian with integrity is harder now than ever. We have learned so much, yet apply so little of it in our everyday lives. There is a huge disconnection between the Gospel we are supposed to live, with the reality itself. And eventually, the torrents of truth become irrelevant.
The Harvestrs is a grassroot Christian community based in Medan. As a group of passionate young Christians, we aim to bring together other Christians to learn how to better integrate the Gospel in their actions and lives. We want to help equip Christians to bring the Gospel beyond the boundaries of church walls. Ultimately, we seek to become the bridge between God and the world.

Yes, it is difficult to fulfill such a big mission from a small city like Medan, let alone to fulfill it. However, we believe in doing our own parts, no matter how little they will be. And as we do it faithfully unto God, it is only our prayer that most impact can be felt in this city, which may be irrelevant now but we believe will not remain irrelevant. Simply because you and I can make a difference. (And starting small from this irrelevant city would be a good starting point.)

Join us, and take part in what might be the greatest journey of your life.

How it all began

In 2004, the first seed of Harvesters was planted in Medan. The fellowship were initiated by Chris, Felice and Vincent. It was started out of a desire to reach better fellowship between its members from different churches. Harvesters lasted for 3 years before it was disbanded. It was a short-lived happening, but it left seed of what might be the starting point of Harvestrs.

In 2012, there is a need of bringing together Christians to form a community. There are a big gaps between churches who built the wall higher and higher, up to a point where the unified faith becomes irrelevant and the church identity take over. That is how Harvestr is started. Our first event will be the Harvestr Session.