Our Call

Harvestrs is a community of believers who are committed in their relationship with Christ. We are not tied down to any particular church, although we subscribe to doctrines that would be best described as evangelicals. You can read our Statement of Belief. The soul of Harvestrs can be summed up in the following words:

  • Grow deeper together and challenge each other in our spirituality
  • To become disciples and disciple makers
  • Be an impact in our vocation, seek to fulfill kingdom values in it
  • Wrestle the hard truth and live a whole life in identifying with Christ
  • Become a platform for the seekers from different churches

We fulfill these calling through these avenues:

  1. Seminars and workshops
  2. Monthly gathering
  3. Social Action

We have rules to help us fulfill our call:

  • Trust, Openness, Participation: Active participation is vital to make our gathering more valuable
  • Safe Space: We are committed to respect the confidentiality.
  • Respect: Discussion and debates are conducted in respectful manner. Restrain from dominating conversation
  • Non-judgment: We remind and encourage, but we respect a person’s struggle and commitment in holiness