Ask us!


Who is behind Harvestrs?

It is not easy to come up with a person or a group of people whom the idea originates from. It started from a group of people, who also constituted our current core volunteer (you can check them out here). They come from different churches and backgrounds, but they are one in the desire to see more growth and active Christian lives in the midst of their daily lives.

How can I join the community?

You can start by coming to our quarterly meetups. That is the best way for you to connect with us.

You do not need a membership to be able to come to our meetings. If you are willing to support us, you can join us as volunteers or members. We are still working on the details of the membership scheme. So stay tuned!

Are you affiliated to any church?

The short answer is no. We have members from different churches and we welcome people from different backgrounds. However, that doesn’t keep us from having a good relationship with local churches. We do not see ourselves competing with churches for members, instead we are equipping them.

Are you a church, or what?

We are not a church, and we do not plan to be a church. We see our roles to equip and help churches, not to replace church. You can call us a para-church community.

What are your visions?

There are two visions that we aim for. First, we want to bring relevance to the lives of Christians by equiping them. Second, we want to foster friendship between Christians, no matter which churches they are coming from.

What are your mission?

Our mission is to encourage conversation and dialogue between Christians and also to the outside world, or what we call simply ‘the fields’.

Where are you located?

Currently, we are based in Medan, North Sumatra (Indonesia).

Are you an English-based community?

No. We do not limit our engagement in English, but due to the amount of materials and speakers who delivered in English, it may seem that we are English-based. Fear not, we are balancing the material in Indonesian and English!

Hey. You miss the ‘e’.

Yes, we realize that. It is cool, isn’t it?